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Fitness plans of Fitness Box Noida offers unique health and fitness choices for all age groups, with attention on great quality, result oriented health programs , and value added plans for weight loss. Fitness Box gym is rated amongst the top 5 fitness gyms across Noida, and offers a host of inspiring fitness options like :

Advanced strength Workout Stations Imported World Class Cardio and Spinning State- of- the- Art Free Weights Section Abs, Pilates and Circuit Training, Steam Bath sections Experienced Certified Instructors to ensure personalized training Specialized Programmers and Nutritional Counselors to design result-oriented programs

Certified Gym Trainers

At Fitness Box gym, every new client is first evaluated & advised a appropriate plan for their individual needs, after which a detailed Body Composition Analysis with Bio-impedance technology is done to record & evaluate their body’s technical health & fitness parameters. The individual aim of our client is examine in tandem with their Body Composition data in a personal advising session. After personal advising the client on their individual fitness criterion, a nutrition & diet advice is given to further augment their gym program in Noida. Thereafter, a detailed gym exercise program is worked out for the client & their gym instructors start coaching in detail the exercise technique and postures, starting from basic gym level & taking the client to advanced level , depending on each client’s optimum level.


  • We at Fitness Box Gym Noida have experienced Instructors Certified from reputed institutes to guarantee your fitness goals can be achieved.
  • Specialized Gym programmers to design your individual unique exercise program.
  • Unique personalized programs created for each individual by certified and experienced Nutritionist to create realistic & result oriented nutritional programs.


These people are responsible for your growth. They work for result, in order to assist you and to make you stronger!

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