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Fitness Box Noida was established in 2015 with the main target to give international service quality standards in the field of gym. We have the world’s best professional equipments for exercise and physical training by educated and experienced professional and certified trainers, and scientific approach. Thir aim of fitness box gym is to make workouts as interesting as possible with varied fitness programs.

Noida’s best fitness brands under one roof

Fitness Box Gyms in Noida focuses on requirements of individual. Our gym services are personal and customised to each individual. The gym environment is comfortable, refreshing and ideal for workouts. We have a team of qualified and professional Gym trainners offering the best cutting edge based workout training techniques for weight loss, body and muscle building, body toning, muscle strength, & Nutritional counselling whatever your fitness targets.

About Fitness BOX Gym Noida

Thanks for visiting our website, I welcome you to visit our gym and get started on your health and fitness journey. Nutrition plays a major role to help you attain your muscle gain or fat loss ambition. We have developed many fitness ideas which take care of your gym membership, personal training and sports nutrition plan which will assist you to complete your fitness goal whatever it may be. We will be happy to hear from our clients about their fitness requirements. Fitness Box Gym has much Qualified Fitness and Sports Nutrition Specialist, Routinely guide our members on their workouts and diet Programs. Fitness Box Gym has been established keeping in mind, the today’s lifestyle is very hectic. Our Gym trainers focus on developing the holistic quality of life, resulting in great, healthier and happier lives.


At Fitness Box Gym Noida we help you in getting the best body shape, but you terrified to go to the local gym. Local gyms may be crowded and you don’t know anyone, you have to wait for the machines to work out, it is also a problem that you never know if you are using the gym equipment correctly or if you applying the right technique. Maybe you have joined a local gym, tried some fitness and weight reduction classes, did some running on treadmills and may be enjoying it but you are not getting any results. Your physique looks the same and your weight has not changed.
Maybe you have even tried a few gym programs in the past, but just never caught on to the sensation in Local gym or did not found one that was right for you. How do you get the performance you want and the body you want without it being such a chore? All it takes is a change of focus and the right structure to help you succeed.

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Fitness Box Gym, Sector 27, Noida UP is fully air conditioned, spread over Approx 6000 sq. ft. in area, has dedicated Cardio Vascular Area , has free weights to functional area, and has many group exercise and personal training facilities.

Noida deserve a gym where people could experience world best fitness brands under one roof with best in class amenities. This club offers fitness solutions where the clients will enjoy getting fit. Come unbox yourself and find the new you.
Certified Gym Trainers

These people are responsible for your growth. They work for result, in order to assist you and to make you stronger!

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