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Don`t allow your hectic and busy lifestyle snatch away your fitness. Fitness box Gym Noida is the right place if you are looking for the best gym with Personal fitness trainer in Noida. We at best gym Noida have the best in personal fitness and Gym trainers available for fitness training. All of our fitness trainners are certified from the reputed institutes and specialized in different workouts like : Aerobics, Pilates, RIP 60, Calisthenics, Strength Training, Cross-fit workouts and many more. Do not get stuck with the traditional type of fitness training every time in local gym. Try a new methods of workout every time in best Gym of Noida UP. Let your personal fitness and Gym trainer decide your workout and kick away the boring one. We have expert trainers in Aerobics, Strength training and many other workouts. We have the best personal Gym fitness and weight lose trainers in Noida. We promise you a quality gym services with our expert personal fitness trainers.

Certified Gym Trainers

Best Gym & Fitness Centre in Noida

Fitness Box Gym Noida is a one stop fitness place to stay fit and build a physique of attention. We care to every individual depending on their specific requirements and workout together to bring out the desired results by the clients. We with a hard working professional team with good track record, have quality experience working with the best in their respective fields. Our Integrated training is a comprehensive approach that tries to improve all fitness factors which are necessary for an athlete or for a fitness Box gym member to perform at the highest level, to stay healthy, prevent injuries and look fit like an athlete.

Personal fitness trainer in Noida

In short we have all type trainers required in gym are available with us at Noida. Even if you are looking for a personal trainer for fitness in Delhi and Noida we can provide you one. We have highly specialized and extremely good and reliable gym trainers with us. We will make sure that you will loose weight in minimum durations and get the best possible result from our workouts schedule. You may contact us for weight loss, Strength training. Fitness Box Noida is the one stop shop for all your fitness related needs. Personal Fitness and gym training is a one-on-one training experience, which provides you the optimum care, comfort and support during and after workouts in Noida Gym. Your each and every workout session is planned and programmed differently for you.

A general workout session has a warm-up, stretching exercises, followed by cardio training and strength building gym exercises and ends with cooling down exercises. Our Gym exercise sessions include Calisthenics, Aerobics, Cardio Kick-boxing, Ball Exercises, Circuit Training, Weight Training, Vibration Training and Ballistic Exercise Program & Rehabilitation Exercises. We at fitness Box Gym have highly trained and experienced gym trainers in each of the above mentioned fields.

Gym Memberships and Personal Training

At Fitness Box gym, every new client is first evaluated & advised a appropriate plan for their individual needs, after which a detailed Body Composition Analysis with Bio-impedance technology is done to record & evaluate their body’s technical health & fitness parameters. The individual aim of our client is examine in tandem with their Body Composition data in a personal advising session. After personal advising the client on their individual fitness criterion, a nutrition & diet advice is given to further augment their gym program in Noida. Thereafter, a detailed gym exercise program is worked out for the client & their gym instructors start coaching in detail the exercise technique and postures, starting from basic gym level & taking the client to advanced level , depending on each client’s optimum level.


  • We at Fitness Box Gym Noida have experienced Instructors Certified from reputed institutes to guarantee your fitness goals can be achieved.
  • Specialized Gym programmers to design your individual unique exercise program.
  • Unique personalized programs created for each individual by certified and experienced Nutritionist to create realistic & result oriented nutritional programs.


These people are responsible for your growth. They work for result, in order to assist you and to make you stronger!

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